Managed Off-Site Backup

Data Backup has never been more important, with new malware and cryptographic viruses  on top of all the normal threats to business data, ensuring you have a secure reliable backup of your data is critical to your business IT practices. Your business data is the life of your organisation and without it, many businesses would fail. Oakland  Managed Business Backup provides a secure backup storing your data encrypted and off-site, thus providing you the peace of mind that should something happen to your premises or IT Systems, your data is safe!

Backup Anything:

  • Windows, Mac and Linux – Cross platform backup ensures all your data is together no matter where its from
  • Backup File Systems – Backup entire volumes or individual directories
  • Backup Microsoft Exchange Databases or Mail Items – Choose to backup entire databases or brick level items
  • Backup Microsoft SQL Server – Full and Incremental Backup of SQL Databases
  • Backup Virtual Machines – Full VM backup allowing complete system restore.

Oakland  Managed Off-Site Backup Service includes

  1. Secure Cloud Storage for your individual needs
  2. Reports checked daily by our dedicated team
  3. Automated Backups
  4. Fully encrypted backups