Business Telephone Systems

We offer real choices when it comes to telephone system solutions that would meet your business requirements. Our approach is to invest the time of our accredited design engineers to provide you with advice that’s in your best interests, for free and with no obligation. We would work closely with you to determine your needs and help you consider all the options when required.

Identifying the right solution for you
By consulting with Oakland you will avoid spending more than what you need to or paying extra for functionality you don’t need. In fact, you may find that we recommend that the equipment you already use can be upgraded to provide all the functionality you need at less cost!

Defining the right system
The telephone system lies at the heart of an organisation’s ability to communicate efficiently and professionally, so the planning and selection process is a vital part of making the right decision if and when you are upgrading your telephone system. At the same time, the technology used for computers and telephones is converging fast, offering organisations new applications that will change the way you work and improve efficiency. Convergence is an important factor when making the right decision and therefore it can be a very complicated process, but it needn’t be.

Choosing the right service provider
You’ll find our solutions combine reliability of traditional telephony for simple requirements, with the ability to integrate the features that new developments in technology bring about. – such as integrated voice response, automated attendant, call centre working, automatic call distribution, computer telephony integration, multi site voice networking, home /office working, unified messaging, and Voice over IP (VoIP).
Use our experience and you’ll have a solution that’s right for your needs, both on price and performance.

Solutions and Systems
We can supply and install a wide variety of telephone systems, including those from the following suppliers:
• Avaya
• ShoreTel
• Alcatell-Lucent

Better communications with Business Telephone Systems

Communication is perhaps one of the most important things that we need to consider when it comes to a business. But sadly many businesses tend to either overlook or misunderstand the extent of their communication requirements. This results in them not knowing what they are looking for when they go out to seek solutions for this aspect. A mismatch in this aspect can lead to bigger problems than you may realize.

Considering the importance of this aspect and the ignorance of potential clients in this regard, Oakland Associates has taken it upon itself to offer a new service to their clientele. Now you can have IT Support Services for this aspect too. To be able to provide services that work for you we have tied up with a well-established and experienced service provider. They are known for their simple and effective approach to all services in the Telecom sector.
This means you can seek and find solutions for telecommunications within your enterprise that are:

• Tailor made for your specific needs
• Simple to use and operate at all levels
• Effective in meeting all the diverse demands of your organization
• Clear and without ambiguity
• Economical without compromising quality
• Capable of fulfilling expanding future requirements

The solutions provided by us in the Offsite Data Backup are directed towards small and medium enterprises.

The all-inclusive business phone system – AVAYA IP Office has been specifically created to fulfill the roadblocks you and your organization face with regard to communication. You will find the solutions that you desire from this phone system.

The standard design of this telephone system can allow for scalability. This means you can have anywhere between 2 extensions to up to 360 extensions. This pretty much covers the needs of small units which could be based out of a residence, individual offices as well as offices that have several branches. Communication becomes clear, instant and reliable between branch offices and head offices.

We are aware that there are many features in a telephone system and making the right choice for your business may be difficult. Pick too many and you have an unwieldy system that is too complex for normal usage. Making it too simple may make most functions impossible. We will sit with you and talk to you about your needs. We will also customize the system based on the various aspects of your business before suggesting the right fit for your needs.

Another aspect that you can rest easy in this regard is not only will we be working alongside you for your current needs, but we will also provide support for future needs as and when required.

Some of the features of a good Business Telephone System will include the following:

• Integrated logging of calls
• Barring or screening unwanted calls
• Putting calls on hold in an efficient manner
• Identification of who is calling
• Forwarding of calls when an extension is unoccupied
• Paging facility for emergencies
• Enabling conference call when required