Business Phone Services

Technical Support

Oakland Associates Ltd has come to realise that some of our clients are lost when it comes to communication solutions. Communication is perhaps one of the most important things that we need to consider when it comes to a smooth running business. This has given us a reason to introduce a new service to our clients. We are working in partnership with one of the long standing service provider, offering a refreshingly straightforward approach to telecom services. We can now provide high quality telephone systems and services keeping the whole process simple, transparent and savings driven. Our solutions are geared towards all sizes of business.


Business Telephone lines

As alternative to BT as line provider, the all-round benefits of using our services are so clear, and the process of the change so straightforward, those who have made the move say they would never go back. You will continue to be connected to the BT network and enjoy the same level of guaranteed network reliability as you do now. There’s no change to your lines or equipment and you have the reassurance of our 24/7/365 Technical Support Helpline for fixed line services.

Non-geographic telephone numbers – inbound calls

Non-geographic telephone numbers such as 0845, 0800 and 03xx provide the ideal way to control and manage your inbound calls. They are ideal for help lines, donation lines, advertising campaigns and for your everyday telephone numbers.

Conferencing services

Getting people together for a face-to-face meeting costs money and time. With our conferencing services, you will save time and money and in the current climate of being environmentally conscious, even reduce your carbon footprint. For business customers, these services consist of audio conferencing service and a simple web conferencing via a screen sharing application without reserving sessions.

For charities, voluntary and not-for-profit organisations we have Community Network Teleconferencing.

Technical Support Service for Business Phone Systems

With Oakland you not only have the benefit of our IT Support London, but you also have access to our business partners. This means when you opt out for Business Phone service with our partners, you still continue to get similar quality of service that you would receive from BT.

This way you can continue enjoying seamless services from your telephone service provider while benefiting from expert services from Oakland Associates Ltd..There is no requirement to put in any supplementary equipment or carry out tiresome engineering or reprogramming work, as all calls are automatically transferred onto our service at the local BT exchange. Everything will function as you are normally used to. This would mean effectively no training of personnel on the new phone system, no cumbersome changes in the way you speak or answer the phone. By using the same equipment you will be saving on the capital costs that you may have to invest in, in case you are going for a brand new system. Even the configuration of the phone system will follow the old and familiar pattern that you are used to.

Of course, there is one aspect that will have to change with the change over to our services – The price you pay!

What will this mean to you is that though the bills for your telephone numbers will be generated through our business associate, you can be assured of good repair and maintenance support as well as consistent quality. The maintenance will be carried out by rote by the engineers from BT who are used to all the nuances of the system. This means the high quality that you expect from BT will be continue as earlier. In fact you will find that the quality enjoyed by all direct consumers for BT will also be available to you without any hitches. As far as discounts from BT are concerned, these will be passed on to you the consumer. So you can enjoy economical rates. You can enjoy Bespoke services without extra burden. Imagine being able to enjoy seamless and better service without any hike in costs!

As far as the billing is concerned, we will ensure that you are in a position to keep tabs on the calls made from the office to ensure prevention of misuse and monitoring of expenses. This is enabled by sending you a bill that is detailed and is fully itemized. This will be sent to you on a monthly basis. It will also have additional details like the split of cost within different types of calls and the numbers you have dialed to. This information can come in useful when you want to thoroughly analyze your telephone expenses, which can surprisingly and slowly eat away at your profits unless controlled. For you to have the full advantages and features of a Business Phone service, you should have a BT business line. This way you can be ensured of a good quality phone service with the best features to run a business.