Graham J Hindley (Partner) - Rothmans Chartered Accountants

I would firstly like to say that the Staff and Partners at Rothmans greatly appreciate the prompt and efficient service we receive from all personnel at Oaklands.

More specifically your support is just what we require and that is a diligent and courteous service. Your support ticketing service works well and gives us a reference if we have to return to an issue that has troubled us in the past.

We find that both your Director's and Staff's technical knowledge is of the highest standard and Rothmans completely rely on this, to the extent that we pass on your advice and views, when relevant, to our other business partners at Partners' Meetings.

We find that if a particular issue on a PC escalates then Oaklands prioritise and resolve the issue as swiftly as possible.

Fundamentally we are running a business here and we need first class I.T. support and we feel that is what we are receiving from Oakland Associates.

Rob Shirley - Sovereign Asset Management Limited

Our support in general – we find this to be of a very high standard. Our queries are always answered promptly and always within 24 hours with an excellent resolution rate.

Telephone answering response – polite and very helpful and knowledgeable.

Our support ticketing – usually receive a response within 24 hours.

Technical Knowledge – very good technical knowledge, staff are also very good at explaining what needs to be done during remote access and bear in mind that not everyone has great computer knowledge!

Escalation and response to issues – issues are generally resolved within the first call but where you have needed to escalate or refer to an outside organisation, we are always kept well informed and given updates.

How we perform on things that matter to you as your IT support company – we are very happy with the IT support that we receive, whenever we call we know that we will receive expert help. In terms of support, we would like to give special mention to Dilan – he is always very helpful and goes above and beyond what is expected.

Rajan Amin - Coversure Croydon

Our support in general - Always quick and happy to pick up the phone to us

Telephone answering response – A friendly voice with help and guidance

Our support ticketing

Technical Knowledge – Plain English to cut to the problem and how to resolve and get us working again

Escalation and response to issues

How we perform on things that matters to you as your IT support company – We continue to use Oakland for over 15 years now as they are available online and over the phone when we need them.  The fact they are our client’s over the same period shows trust and loyalty from both parties.