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IT Support Services London

Oakland Associates Ltd provides flexible and proactive business IT support services to a broad range of customers. This can range from Pay as you Go to fully outsourced anagement of your entire IT infrastructure. This can include 24/7 support, monitoring or maintenance of networking or servers. In this way we are well positioned to either act as your own dedicated IT team, or to supplement the skills and experience you have in-house.

We offer four main types of support services:

  • Ad Hoc support – A more traditional support option
    Oakland would respond to resolving support issues remotely or by visiting your office. Since there are no contractual obligations with this type of support, we would require a deposit in advance.
  • Pay As You Go
    This provides access to our full range of expertise within agreed response times. You simply purchase prepaid half hourly support tokens for remote and onsite support. If you have any IT issues, call our support line and our support team will fix the issue remotely or by visiting onsite. More support tokens can be purchased as and when required.
  • Monthly fixed fee support
    With this option, Oakland provides access to our full range of expertise and services for a fixed monthly fee. This service option includes Unlimited Remote support. Only onsite visits would be charged as and when requested.
  • All inclusive support
    The support is similar to the monthly fixed support option but this also includes all on-site visits.

Our support charges are calculated as below :

Support options Charge based on
Workstation Telephone and remote support Per workstation
Server Telephone and remote support Per Server
Remote monthly server health check Per Server
Manage ISP & Mail Provider issues Per Business
Daily Backup Monitoring Per Server
Mobile device Support for E-mail Synchronisation Per mobile device
Proactive Care Per Business
On-site visits Frequency of visits

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  • Unlimited Telephone and remote workstation support.

Includes support on:

  1. Windows XP Pro, Vista Business, Windows 7, Window 8
  2. Microsoft Office excluding bespoke Access database
  3. Network connectivity
  4. Virus & Malware issues
  5. Internet connectivity & E-mail issues
  6. Printing
  • Unlimited Telephone and remote support server

Includes support on:

  1. Windows Server 2003, 2008 & 2012
  2. Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 & 2013
  3. Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008 & 2012
  4. Network & security management
  5. Manage Anti-virus product
  6. Manage active directory for the Domain, security, privileges
  7. Setting up and managing user accounts
  8. Manage user accounts: change passwords, e-mail address etc.
  9. Manage printing and backup services
  10. Data restore if and when required
  11. Resolve Internet connectivity
  • Monthly remote server health check

This includes:

  1. Monitor Disk space – remove historical log files, update files etc
  2. Backups – It is important to ensure backups can be read and restored. We would carry out a random file restore to ensure all is well.
  3. Monitor server event logs – Logs provide important server status information allowing us to identify and resolve issues that may arise over time.
  4. Manage server performance and Windows updates
  5. Monitor server data growth
  • Manage issues with ISP ( Internet Service Provider) and Mail providers
  • Often technical issues relating to ISP and Mail providers can be difficult to deal with. ISP & Mail providers would probably try and blame the internal network for performance issues. Oakland will manage these issues with these service providers in order to resolve and minimise downtime.
  • Daily Backup monitoring – Our task here would be to monitor daily backup results and to resolve backup issues remotely if persistent.
  • Mobile device support – More and more of our clients rely on e-mail communication through their mobile device such as iphone, ipad, HTC, blackberry etc. This option provides the support as and when e-mail synchronisation fails.
  • Proactive care – Apart from the server technology onsite, other critical hardware that businesses rely on are the network switches and broadband router. If and when the broadband router or network switch fails, the business could end up with some downtime. With this option, Oakland would provide a loan network switch and/or router should the onsite device fail. This allows the you to purchase and replace the failed item in a controlled manner.
  • On-site visits – A lot of our work is completed remotely, saving you time and money. But there are times when you might prefer to have a member of our engineering team on-site for a more ‘hands on’ approach to your technical support, or for a scheduled ‘health check’. We offer a regular scheduled site visit option where it could be weekly, monthly or quarterly. The cost of this option is dependent on the contractual time allocated per visit and frequency of the visits. On the site-visit day, our engineer would become your IT Manager and would be responsible for resolving IT issues, installations or scheduled health check. In order to build a strong working relationship, we would ensure that a preferred engineer is assigned to your account.

Key Benefits for choosing Oakland

  • Oakland has been supporting clients over 20 years and our success is based on providing that extra attention to clients IT issues. This involves planning and proactive approach. A large number of our customers have been with us for over 5 years which does speak volumes regarding their confidence in our support services.
  • We are certified Microsoft Small Business Specialist. This qualification requires Oakland to have Microsoft Certified engineers along with a history of implementing and supporting Windows Small Business Server technology.
  • With 5 engineering staff, we can offer personal attention to our client’s IT requirements.
  • Today’s broadband technology allows us to resolve the bulk of our clients’ support calls using remote access. We already provide support to clients UK wide and abroad.
  • Our support statistics to date are as follows:

Telephone & remote support (2hr response) 96%

Onsite visits for servers (4 working hours) 100%

Onsite visits for workstations (8 working hours) 98%

  • Keep our clients regularly informed on emerging IT technologies.
  • Flexible and competitive support options.